Psychotherapy or ‘Talk Therapy’

Hello and Welcome!

Psychotherapy or ‘talk therapy’ can be very helpful to many different people dealing with a variety of different life struggles.

I specialize in working with my clients to create the most helpful ‘talk-therapy’ environment within the treatment process. I strive to help my clients address individual life concerns or struggles in an environment that creates safety and hope for change.

Creating a therapeutic alliance is a primary component of talk therapy. There is an abundant amount of research (including my own academic research) that points to the therapeutic alliance, or therapeutic relationship, as one of the most important components in a successful psychotherapy.

Talking about one’s struggles within the context of a safe treatment context, not only creates healing through expression — It can lead to a deeper and more meaningful connection with others.  And more centrally, a deeper connection with oneself.

This deeper connection with one’s own thoughts, behaviors, and feelings can also lead to more empowered life choices and often the ability to change.

I believe that each person has the capacity to make these connections and changes.

I work to help my clients communicate and talk about their unique situations. It can be a daunting process to be open about thoughts, feelings, fears, or unrealized goals.  I use my experience, education, and humor to help to make you as comfortable as possible, as you are working towards insight and the changes you are striving to make.

If you would like to discuss setting up an initial consultation, or if you have questions regarding the services offered, please call 312-701-0727.