I believe that each person has the ability and inner resources to heal from whatever is personally causing them discomfort or suffering. I use an individual approach to psychotherapy, tailored to the specific situation of each person when providing therapy. I work with each client to develop a setting and relationship that will assist them in meeting their own goals and needs. I strive to provide a safe, supportive, and understanding environment for clients to openly explore and discuss issues, as well as working to facilitate growth and self-acceptance.

I strive to work with each client as an individual. Just as each person has their own unique fingerprint, I believe that each client brings their own unique experiences to therapy. These experiences help to shape the therapeutic work, and assist the client in achieving their individual goals.

I work with clients to form a relationship to help them to address their concerns. I provide an atmosphere that assists clients in gaining insights and developing alternative strategies to dealing with difficulties they may be having.